Web Tasarımı

Web Designing

Your website is the showcase of your business and also the hub of your digital assets. The image you draw here will affect your customers' decision-making processes.

At this point, a website specially developed for you turns the potential customer into reality by establishing a showcase that represents your brand.

A Website Is Not Just An Address!

With the developments in digital in the last 10 years, websites have become more than just a place where those who search for your brand on the internet find you.

Shopping habits have increased in the virtual world. In addition, websites have also become the center of digital advertisements. Users can easily access the service and product they are looking for, and make shopping easily, encountering a call to action in the right place at the right time are just a few of the optimizations that directly affect your site sales.

What Do We Pay Attention To?

UI-UX Design

It is our priority to create a website that focuses on user experience and accurately reflects your brand. We design your site with a user-friendly interface so that users can spend more time on the site and take the right actions.

SEO Compliance

One of the most important factors for your brand to rank high in search engines is that search engine bots can easily read your site and make sense of the data. Lightweight, fast websites are loved by Google. We design your site according to these criteria.

Responsive Compliance

The fastest rising trend of the digital age is mobile penetration. Considering that a significant portion of your visitors can enter your site on mobile devices, design your site as mobile-friendly. Make sure your content and products are viewable on different mobile devices. Make the necessary optimizations so that all the functions of your website on the desktop are reflected in the mobile experience.

Control Panel

It will make your job easier to have a control panel that you can use easily when you want to enter data on your site or make some content changes.