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Performance Marketing

One of the most effective methods of digital marketing is performance marketing. Performance marketing, which puts brands ahead of the competition because it offers measurable results, provides a holistic approach to digital communication. The scope of this new generation marketing type, which prioritizes budget efficiency, is quite wide. This approach, which supports brands in adapting to the rapidly changing dynamics of the digital age, allows you to increase your conversions while reducing your costs.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing, which is one of the most efficient marketing methods of the digital age, covers all promotional activities in digital media. This efficiency-based method is effective because it offers measurable results compared to traditional channels and can be dynamically optimized. Performance marketing, which can be easily adapted to different marketing strategies, is used to increase conversions and sales.

Performans Pazarlama

Google Ads

Socialoq, which has proven its competence in this field as a Google Premier Partner, skillfully integrates Google ads into its performance marketing strategies. By effectively using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Ads, it ensures that your brand appears at the top in targeted keyword searches.

Performans Pazarlama

Social Media Ads

You can apply strategies that provide low cost and high conversion rate with advertising models designed in accordance with different campaign goals.

Performans Pazarlama

Email/SMS Marketing

There are various e-mail marketing tools available to companies and individuals in the digital world. These tools, which are basically separated from each other on the basis of their working principles, make your work easier, help you develop more accurate strategies for your sales, ensures sustainable productivity and generates insights into your overall marketing performance.